A man and woman running in the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21. Illustrations of wings gently flap at the back of the shoes.

The new Levitate 6 range

Levitate 6


Levitate GTS 6


Levitate StealthFit 6


Brooks Levitate & Levitate GTS

Find your springboard in the Brooks Levitate running shoes to propel you through your workouts with the maximum energy return. The super springy new DNA LOFT v2 cushioning is 10% lighter than the previous version and the latest Levitate 6 has more of it packed in the midsole for a very comfortable run.

Choose your support level: we have the Neutral Levitate 6, and the supportive Levitate GTS 6 with GuideRails® technology providing stability, and keeping excess knee movement in check. GTS: stands for Go-To-Support and so all Brooks shoes that have GTS in their name are support shoes. You also have the option of the Levitate StealthFit 6 with an adaptable fit providing stretch, compression, and breathability.

For a neutral springy shoe to smash your workouts, the Women's Levitate 6 or the Men's Levitate 6 are a great choice. If you want energy return with added support, check out the Women's Levitate GTS 6 or the Men's Levitate GTS 6. if you want a shoe fit that moves with you while you run, discover the Women's Levitate StealthFit 6 and the Men’s Levitate StealthFit 6.

Available widths include:

Levitate 6, Levitate GTS 6, & Levitate StealthFit 6
• Women's standard width (B-Normal)
• Men's standard width (D-Normal)

Activity: Running

Category: Neutral/Support

Experience: Energize Badge

Need help choosing a shoe?

Need help choosing a shoe?