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The new Glycerin 20 features nitrogen-infused DNA LOFT v3 underfoot to unlock ultimate softness, so you experience soft strides like never before.

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The all-new Adrenaline GTS 23 brings balance, stability and comfort to your run, with ​GuideRails® support technology.  

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Brooks running shorts allow for breathability and optimal freedom of movement, to help make your run more comfortable.

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Made from lightweight, highly absorbent fabrics that are designed to not weigh you down, our running tops will help you make light work of your next run.

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Men's Running Gear

Brooks has a wide collection of men's running gear, with footwear for both running and walking and a superior quality range of men's running clothes that have been designed and manufactured to strike the perfect balance between comfort and style.

From running shorts and singlets through to moisture-wicking running pants and jackets, we have your men's running apparel needs covered. You'll also find a great selection of high-visibility clothing that's designed to keep you safe and seen at night or in areas of low light.

Men's Running Shoes

To complement your men's running gear, explore the comprehensive range of men's running shoes from Brooks. Whether you're looking for road running shoes for your evening jog, long distance running shoes for competitive endurance events, or even walking sneakers with added cushioning for enhanced comfort,

we’re sure to have the right pair to accommodate your needs. You'll even find lightweight running shoes that will make you feel like you’re running barefoot. Browse our range or use the Brooks shoe finder to determine which shoe is right for you!

Men’s Running Socks

More than just mere men's running accessories, your choice of socks not only determines your comfort level during your run but can also enhance your performance. Brooks compression socks help to increase blood flow throughout the body, reduce the production

and build up of lactic acid, and promote faster recovery. You'll also find moisture-wicking socks that keep your feet free of sweat and unwanted moisture.